Jack Harrison

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Jack grew up spending his time at the local beaches surfing.  He spent practically every day of his youth tracking swell & sand movement throughout the bay area to find the best waves the coastline had to offer. Jack’s other passion, fly fishing, began with trout at a young age. Eventually his focus diverged from trout to fishing Winter steelhead on the swing. Jack spent most of his early 20’s working all summer as a wilderness guide so that come winter he could chase steelhead at a moments notice.  Fishing the Rip was born when Jack realized he could combine his previous knowledge from being a surfer with his honed technique for Fly Fishing. 

Jack has fished his way from south central California all the way to the dean river in British Columbia.  He has spent the last 6 years of his life as a program director and full time professional wilderness guide with Adventure Out. This lifestyle allowed him to work outside, connect others to nature and spend a whole lot of time fishing. These days Jack spends almost all of his free time on the beaches hiking, fishing, doing homework for his guided trips and generally keeping a finger on the pulse of the fish.